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The submission process is juried. The next deadline for artists to submit a portfolio for review is December 7, 2015.

Our 2015 Curatorial Board includes Shea Little, Jennifer Lewis, Katie Robinson Edwards, and Jaime Castillo.

Generous Art is a dedicated group of professional artists who are passionate about giving back. Generous Art represents you well, promotes your work, and creates mutually beneficial relationships within communities.  If you become a member of our community, we will then ask you to manage your inventory of work online, submit your work for inclusion in curated exhibition events, and work with us to ship and deliver the work when sold.

Participating in Generous Art will:

  • Ensure your artwork seen by our online and gallery events audience;
  • Promote you and sales of your artwork;
  • Not require exclusivity of you, nor deny you other opportunities to sell your artwork;
  • Cohesively gain exposure for you alongside traditional gallery representation –  not in competition with it;
  • Allow you to publish your retail sales price;
  • Allow you to retain the artwork in your studio’s inventory until sold;
  • Document the sale by sending you the collector’s contact information for your records;
  • Give you a place to redirect solicitations of donations;
  • Give you a chance to generously support the charities and nonprofits that sustain your community, and often you and your family when in need.

The following is to be considered when curating new work by current Generous Artists, new applicants, and guest artists affiliated with a particular exhibition:

  • Professionally constructed works
    1. Compositionally strong
    2. Excellent technique (according to media)
    3. Conceptually engaging
    4. No obvious “sketchbook” or “studies,” i.e., no incomplete works
  • High quality documentation
    1. Photo documentation should be an accurate representation of the original object
    2. Ready to install for display
    3. Sculptural objects should have multiple views or video clips that are accessible through links to a website, YouTube, or Vimeo, etc., including instructions on how to set up the piece
    4. Videos should be clearly defined as
      1. Video on its own player
      2. Video on DVD to play at collector’s preference
      3. Video with playback parameters
  • Dedication to practice
      • Active exhibition record or significant body of high quality artworks
      • Formal or informal education; a degree in art is not a pre-requisite to application
  • Clear and concise supporting texts
        1. If concepts are complex or not immediately apparent in non-traditional works, Curators may ask for reference texts
        2. Artwork descriptions
        3. Artist statement


Generous Art appeals to artists who want their original artwork to be valued in the transaction between collector, gallery, nonprofit organizations, and the community. Generous Art showcases and promotes the work of community-minded artists. These artists possess a professional presence, a developed body of work, and diverse perspectives. The artists are knowledgeable about their particular mediums and match their ideas equally with strong technical execution.

Generous Art exhibitions can allow for an opportunity to present a specific curatorial theme or perspective.

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Contact us for the application for collaborative work by multiple artists.

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