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The Daily Texan LogoIn 1999, Chenoweth graduated from UT with a Master of Fine Arts in Painting and worked as an artist in galleries for several years before creating her online gallery, Generous Art, in 2011.

“Be Generous. Buy Art,” is the slogan for the nonprofit, which was established as an online gallery. When individuals purchase art through the site, artists receive 50 percent of the income and another 30 percent goes towards a nonprofit of the buyer’s choice. Chenoweth built this gallery model after spending years in the traditional gallery industry, where, she said, most of the profits went to galleries instead of artists.

“I realized how totally broken all of the models were out in the art world,” Chenoweth said. “I’m pretty good at doing business. You show up, say what you’re going to do and fill a need, do a good job and get paid. The art world just doesn’t work like that.”

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Celebrating Community With Generous Art: An Interview with Jennifer Chenoweth


According to Jennifer Chenoweth, Generous Art’s creator and art futurist, “Celebrating community is no small thing. We live in a fabulous place because of the people. We can survive alone, but we need each other to thrive.”
For this reason, tomorrow, Generous Art will host their second annual group show, a night showcasing art, discovery, support, and community at the downtown architecture offices of PageSoutherlandPage. Not only will buyers bring home stunning and unique artwork, they also have the opportunity to choose which of their favorite local nonprofit will receive 40% of the purchase price. 

Read the whole interview here.

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Taking the Intimidation out of Art

A big thanks to the The Williamson County Sun for this great article by Jane Estes.


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KUT's Mike Lee on Arts Eclectic

KUTBy Mike Lee


Last year, Austin artist Jennifer Chenoweth created the online gallery Generous Art as a place for local artists to sell existing work. The idea was that art lovers could shop without the pressure of a gallery setting, artists could make a few sales, and a portion of the proceeds could go to a local charity or non-profit. Customers get to choose not only the art they like, but also the non-profit which will benefit from the sale. So far, that plan seems to be working out pretty well.

Generous Art doesn’t exist only in the online world, though; they also present exhibitions and group shows like the current Beautiful Giving. Hosted by the architecture firm PageSoutherlandPage, Beautiful Giving will be open through October 15, with a reception on September 21.

Full disclosure: KUT is listed among the dozens of deserving non-profits you can choose to support when making a purchase from Generous Art.

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A Global Roots Fundraiser for the Amala Foundation: Think Globally and Act Locally in Austin

Blogs by Lucas

On Sunday June 24th, I attended an inspiring night of community, music and art.

It was the 6th Annual Global Roots fundraiser held at CTC Garden in East Austin to benefit the Global Youth Peace Summit. The event was presented by the Amala Foundation along with CTC International, Urban Roots, The Austin Junior Chamber of Commerce, The Khabele School, and Generous Art.

It was certainly a lively and engaging night of live global music. The line up included Bamako Airlines, Minor Mishap Marching Band, Hard Proof Afrobeat. The evening was kicked off with ZaBoomBa: An Interactive Drum Experience, lead by Kenya Masala. He had the crowd drumming in call-and-response style that brought us all into focus.
It was fantastic.

There was a silent auction and an art show presented by Generous Art which included work by Jennifer Chenoweth whom I recognized from the East Austin Studio Tours. Aside from being an accomplished artist, she cooks a great Posole, but that’s another blog. Speaking of food, delicious Indian cuisine was available on sight, à la Austin trailer style. I enjoyed a plate of spicy lamb stew and rice among good company. READ MORE

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Generous Art Around Town

By: Lucy Kinney

June 20, 2012

If you haven’t heard about Generous Art, they provide the perfect combination of fine art shopping and supporting non-profits. Each time you make a purchase with Generous Art, 40% of the purchase price goes to your favorite charity.

This week, Generous Art makes their rounds with three different events giving shoppers and art lovers several different chances to see all of their fabulous artists’ displays.

On June 22nd, you can join a collective showing of local artists benefiting the Austin Child Guidance Center. This event features classical pianist Reuel Meditz, and refreshments will be provided. The show lasts from 6:30 to 9 pm at the Austin Child Guidance Center, located at 810 West 45th Street. READ MORE

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Photos from Leadership Austin's Brightest Party Ever


Amy Mills and Virginia Fleck enjoying the evening! Taken by Robert Goodwin for American-Statesman

See more pictures from the event here:

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YNN Interviews Wells Mason: Austin Art Industry Continues to Grow

Wells Mason GalleryBy Jess Mitchell

The economy remained almost flat in 2011, yet the art market saw big gains.
Forbes reports the art market jumped 11 percent last year with people across the world spending 12 billion dollars on art. Austin artists say they're seeing a similar situation here, but on a smaller scale.

Texas was never known to be a hub of art culture, but artists told us Austin is creating its own niche in the industry.

"I'd say over the last five years, Austin has created a different environment for supporting its artists,” designer and sculptor Wells Mason said. “That's why I've opened a gallery, and that's why I'm showing my art in Austin now."  READ MORE and SEE VIDEO that includes footage of Art Alliance Austin's Art Night Austin 2012.

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Arts in Context Explores the Making of Generous Art

by Ed Fuentes

Arts in Context explores the making of Generous Art, an online gallery dedicated to raising money for nonprofits and artists, while going behind-the-scenes with the group's founder and some of the showcased artists. Founded in 2011, Generous Art envisions art purchases as community-oriented transactions — rejecting the idea that art collection is a selfish endeavor or an isolated event. Generous Art replaces time consuming auction fundraisers with a purchase process that simultaneously funds the artist, a nonprofit and the mission of Generous Art.  SEE FULL SHOW ON KLRU


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Buy One Painting, Support Two Causes

AustinPost by Jackie Stone

It’s a rare artist who can make a living entirely off creating art. Most artists struggle to get their work sold through galleries, online or by pounding the pavement, while still having to pay for supplies in time to create new works.

And in Austin, where the high concentration of creativity is paralleled by a nonprofit and charitable scene that is one of the biggest in the country, artists are often asked to donate works to be sold at fundraisers around town. READ MORE

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