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Nonprofits – Join Us

Generous Art partners with nonprofits to promote your mission and create opportunities for philanthropy. We welcome your application. Generous Art represents high-quality artists in our online gallery and at mobile events. The buyers choose which nonprofit will receive a percentage of the proceeds of each sale. We want to support charities that work so hard to support the members of our community, which often includes artists and their families. We reserve the right to not partner with any nonprofit for any reason.

Participating in Generous Art will give you:

  • Beautiful, new content for your fundraising efforts;
  • A new source of no/low-overhead income available year-round;
  • A great opportunity to support artists, instead of asking them to donate work;
  • Professional management and handling of artists and artwork;
  • Comprehensive management of paperwork, tax donation forms for artists, courtesy to your donors;
  • An opportunity to work with Generous Art for a hosted campaign specifically for your nonprofit.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to have ALL of the following items ready when applying (or you will not be able to complete the online application):

  • Two digital images of your organization’s logo for our website and marketing (web logo = max. 300 pixels wide or 300 pixels high .jpg in RGB color);
  • A one-sentence mission statement;
  • The Charity and Nonprofit Agreement along with your organization’s complete contact information;
  • A tax ID number and IRS determination letter.

Complete the Nonprofit Application and Agreement

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