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What is Generous Art?
Generous Art is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that facilitates charitable fundraising through the online sale of fine art, contributing 30% of the sale price to the buyer’s choice nonprofit or charity.

Where is Generous Art based?
Generous Art is currently based in Austin, Texas. We plan to grow it for bigger impact.

How do I contact Generous Art?
You can contact Generous Art in the following ways:
Phone: 512-482-0747
Mail: 1200 E. 2nd St. Austin, TX 78702

What methods of payment do you accept?
Via secure online processing, we accept credit cards for the purchase of art. We can work with you directly to accept checks, money orders, and cash.

When am I billed for my purchase?
You will be billed for your purchase at the same time you checkout on the website.

How do I know my payment information is secure?
Generous Art works with Paypal Webpayments Pro, a secure online payment system.

How much of the purchase price will be donated to the nonprofit group I chose?
30% of your purchase will be donated to the affiliated nonprofit group of your choice.

How do I know for sure that my money has gone to the nonprofit group I chose?
Within 30 days of your purchase we send the donation to the nonprofit. You should receive a receipt and thank you letter from the nonprofit, and if you have any concerns, you may call them to confirm. If you would like, Generous Art can schedule a “check presentation” so that you get the joy of presenting the check to your chosen nonprofit.

Do you provide a record for tax deductions?
Since you are buying an object rather than receiving a gift in thanks for a donation, we cannot certify that your purchase is tax-deductible.

How do you determine shipping/delivery charges?
We determine those charges when we first accept artwork for, so we know how easy or complex the packing and handling will be for that specific piece of art. Some framed art pieces are small and easy to handle and hang. Some pieces are large, fragile or complex, and require more attention and crating. How far the artwork needs to travel is also considered.

When will I receive my art?
As soon as you purchase your art online, we contact the artist to schedule pickup and packing needs. Then we will contact you with a few options for convenient delivery times.

Will you install the art I bought?
We have experienced art handlers that can deliver and install your work for an additional fee.

What if I change my mind about the art that I bought and want to return the work?
Returns are limited to 10 business days after the artwork has been received. Generous Art will check the work to ensure careful handing and inspect the art for damage. Buyer will be liable for any damage incurred once the artwork is in his or her possession. Generous Art will process an exchange or credit with our customers, who we want to be satisfied with their purchase. There is a restocking fee for returned work. The restocking fee will depend on the complexity of the artwork, and will be at 2x the previously charged shipping/handling fee, and if Generous Art installed the artwork, 2x the installation fee to de-install. The artist will be compensated for their time with half the restocking fee.

What is your refund policy?
Please read “Returns” policy above. Refunds are only granted in unique situations, and are only given in the case where no other artwork of a similar kind or price is available for exchange, or upon determination that the chosen artwork is damaged and is unrepairable. Refunds will be processed by the same means that the payment was received.

What if my art is damaged when I get it?
The artist, who cares the most about his or her work, retains the artwork in their inventory until it is sold. This way, the art is stored and cared for well. We inspect the piece upon pickup to be sure it appears as represented on the site and is in good condition. We work with you to be sure you are getting what you purchase. We want you to be happy with your art.

What if I am an artist or nonprofit that wants to be a part of Generous Art?
We think it’s great that you want to be a part of Generous Art. Please check out the “Join Us” page for information about how to participate.

How often do you change or add art on the site?
We continually add artists and nonprofits to the site and rotate their artwork as it is available.

Can I buy art as a gift for someone else?
Certainly! We think Generous Artwork makes a fantastic gift. We have an “gift” option where you can send payment, and your grateful recipient can pick their own artwork. Just remember that delivery and installation will need to be coordinated with the recipient.

Where do you ship art/Do you ship internationally?
Generous Art can crate and ship the artworks domestically and internationally, but it does cost more to build and ship a custom crate to other destinations. Contact us for pricing based on destination.
Thank you for your interest in empowering artists and strengthening communities!


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