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Capital Factory Poster

RSVP and TICKETS, space is limited

Posted by Jennifer Chenoweth at 8:30 AM
Austin, TX

Curator: Jaime Salvador Castillo

Jaime Salvador CastilloJaime Salvador Castillo is an independent curator, graphic artist and the current Chair for the City of Austin's Art in Public Places Panel. Jaime's experience includes receiving his Studio Art BFA in 2005 from UT-Austin. He was the portfolio advisor for Young Artists @ Arthouse and was a contributing arts writer for The Austin Chronicle.

Jaime is Generous Art's Curatorial Board Chair. He helps the Curatorial Board review artists' submissions to Generous Art. This month, Jaime selected the artworks and set the show at Capital Factory for Beautiful Giving, so you will see his eye and mind at work with this exhibit.

Jaime's current projects include "Eyes Got It" an open call art competition offering critical reviews & exhibitions opportunities, and an upcoming exhibition at the Mexican-American Cultural Center as part of the Los Outsiders Art Collective.

Posted by Jennifer Chenoweth at 8:40 AM
Austin, TX

Founder of Capital Factory: Joshua Baer

Joshua Baer at Capital Factory Office

Joshua Baer helps people quit their jobs and become entrepreneurs. In 2008 he founded Capital Factory, a tech startup incubator and co-working space in Austin, Texas. Josh founded his first startup in 1996 in his college dormitory at CMU and now teaches a class at the University of Texas for student entrepreneurs. Josh is Read More...

Posted by Jennifer Chenoweth at 6:53 PM
Austin, TX

Interview with Jill Schroeder of grayDUCK Gallery

Gallerist Jill Schroeder of grayDUCK Gallery

Q:Why did you become a gallerist? How does your education (formal or otherwise) inform this?Jill Schroeder at Gallery

JS:I studied art and was a practicing artist out of college. I continued to produce art while working in graphic design, branding and marketing. I was in the corporate world for over a decade and eventually work became my creative outlet.  When I moved down to Austin I wanted to get back to my art roots. That’s when all of my experiences from art and marketing seemed to make sense in running my own gallery.

Q:What are your various responsibilities? What does an average day or week look like? Are there daily things that help you keep up with your profession? This could be annual workshops/conferences, or just daily check ins with outside blogs/sites/social media?

JS:During an average week, I’m typically working on a number of future shows. I’m ironing out the details of the calendar and checking in with the artists that I have coming up to refine our PR and see how the general feel of the work is Read More...

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Austin, TX

Beautiful Giving at Capital Factory Postcard

RSVP and TICKETS, space is limited

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Austin, TX

Interview with a Collector

Megan Mcllwain interviews Alex Robart

When talking to people about Generous Art, I tend to focus on the point that 30% of all sales goes back into our community. My amazement of that kind of generosity can sometimes overshadow my deep appreciation of the Fine Art that is represented. Then someone like Alex comes along and reminds me that the art comes first.

I met Alex Robart in 2012 when he made his first Generous Art purchase of a piece by Katie O'Connor and Renee Nunez's Bokehs. When I learned that he had recently chosen Generous Art for another purchase -- a lovely piece by Suzanne Lewis and Eleanor Droll's Wrestlers -- I asked him for an interview. I had a long list of questions regarding the connection between art and charitable  giving, but to my pleasant surprise, we just talked about the art. He showed me pictures of his impressive collection and how he had incorporated the Generous Artwork. He discovered Generous Art while dining at Texas French Bread where Katy O'Connor was being shown. He said, "While it is wonderful to have the opportunity to buy art and donate simultaneously, it is the quality of artwork that drew me in and keeps me coming back." The 'generous' part is just an added bonus.

Posted by Jennifer Chenoweth at 5:15 AM
Austin, TX

Visual Artists' Sustainability Survey

Raising Artists

Are you surviving or thriving? Please give us your feedback in this survey!


If you had asked me five years ago if I would be willing to spend over $45,000 of my own money, and volunteer nearly full time for four years while scrambling to pay my own bills and hardly ever make it to the studio, I would have laughed at you. I started Generous Art so I would have the chance to sell art in a way I could stomach, and to support nonprofits that help me survive. The more stories I heard from artists about our struggles to financially survive while still appearing as working professionals, the more dedicated I became. When I talk to people about the broken business models in the art world, they are shocked; but they can relate it to the music industry which has done a much better job advocating about the problems. There really are not many people or agencies advocating for Visual Artists, locally, regionally, or nationally.

Please share your data so we can advocate for you, so you have a chance to do your best work. And then please share the survey with your artist friends.

Thank you-- Jennifer Chenoweth

Posted by Jennifer Chenoweth at 10:04 AM
Austin, TX

Is an MFA the new MBA? Or is the MBA the new MFA?

We've been researching topics about Professional Development, in particular, artists' transferable skills in the job market. We look forward to presenting interviews with business people talking about their specific job paths that started with a degree in art and art history.

Some artists and critics are out getting MBA's. Some artists are having more success in business and marketing because they can think creatively, have a high tolerance for risk, and are very persistent. Read More...

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Austin, TX

AIA Austin Event Poster

Eventbrite Link to RSVP

AIA Austin Generous Art poster

Posted by Jennifer Chenoweth at 2:15 PM
Austin, TX

AIA Show Austin - Where Art meets Architecture

Generous Art launches a partnership with AIA Austin for a pop-up art show where art and architecture intersect.

Join us in a roundtable discussion with distinguished local architects and artists. Featuring guest curators Larry Alan Doll, Ryan Coover, and a panel of select Generous Artists.

Admission will include signature cocktails and a vast array of locally crafted hors d'oeuvres. All proceeds plus 30% of art sales will benefit the Austin Foundation for Architecture.

It will be held on Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014 at the Austin Center for Architecture 801 W. 12th Street, Austin, TX, 78701.

The private talk will go from 5:30pm to 7pm. This part of the event will be ticketed ($15). The public reception begins at 7pm and will go on until 9pm.

Eventbrite Link here to RSVP

Posted by Jennifer Chenoweth at 1:48 PM
Austin, TX