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About Us

Our mission: Generous Art empowers artists and strengthens communities.

Generous Art produces dynamic exhibitions, opportunities for philanthropy, professional development, and creativity programming for artists, individuals, nonprofits, and businesses.

When you buy original fine art through Generous Art, 30% of the sale price is donated to the charity of your choice, 50% goes to the artist and 20% to Generous Art.

Generous Art was founded by Jennifer Chenoweth, an artist. If you happen to know Jennifer, you would know that she is a connector and a doer. started with conversations with friends about creativity and business, about how valuable community is to our lives, how to give back for all we are grateful for, about the lack of transparency in the art business, and about how artists get supported and their work valued.

Generous Art empowers artists and strengthens communities in many ways:

  • Produce annual group shows of all the Generous Artists benefitting all our nonprofits at a host location;
  • Host studio sales of individual artists to help them sell their inventory of artworks in a host location or the artist’s studio;
  • Produce pop-up shows curated for a particular audience for nonprofit fundraising events;
  • Give people access to artists and their studio practice by documenting and sharing their creative process;
  • Create a trustworthy distribution model to help artists sell their inventory online;
  • Sell art directly to nonprofits and charities at a discount;
  • Create professional development programming for artists;
  • Invigorate business communities by producing creativity programming for employees, such as artist and curator talks and creativity workshops;
  • Sustain nonprofits by sending 30% of art sales to the buyer’s choice charity;
  • Feature the missions and good work of the nonprofits we represent;
  • Offer the public a trustworthy source to beautify their lives and engage in their creative community.



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